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Current Projects

A selection of initiatives and ideas the team is leading:



Blockchain Research

Codenamed Project Eta, the team is researching and conducting the deployment of Ethereum-based protocols and Layer 2 solutions to address financing and data management challenges that humanitarians face. Previous pilots conducted by the team have demonstrated median man-hour savings of 20 hours/week. 


Forecast-based Financing

The team is working with a global consortium to build data pipelines, processes, and dashboards for the automation-assisted tracking and financing of hazards across 9 countries. 



Data Analytics and Visualisation

We are working with several partners on sound analysis of unstructured and structured data, and incorporating non-traditional information sources (e.g. social media meta-data) to create meaningful analysis and guidance, tailored to their audiences.


Innovation and Strategy

We are working with several partners on the strategy, delivery, and tracking of humanitarian innovation.

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